The Cure for the Common Hairstyle
Raris is a part of growing trend towards personalized, intimate salon experiences. The small hair suite concept has gained momentum because many clients want dedicated time slots and more consultation without the wait or rush.On the flip side, many professional hair stylist have begun to reject the corporate salon model that is rigid in term of client service and consultation time. Raris is the brain child of stylist Natasha Clayton. Her vision for Raris is that clients feel appreciated, heard, and leave knowing the health of their hair is improved and looks great.
Shampoo + Style
starting at $60
Shampoo + Style & Cut
starting at $90
Maintenance Dusting (Trim)
starting at $15
Women's Cut
starting at $45
Men's Cut
starting at $30
Kid's Cut (upto 12 yrs)
starting at $20
Single Process Color
Single Process Color + Style
starting at $90
Partial Lights
Partial Lights + Style
starting at $75
Full Lights
Full Lights + Style
starting at $170
Color Change & Corrective Color
hrly $80
Relaxers w/ Style $120
trim incl $120
Moroccanoil Restorative treatment
for Dry Damaged Hair
Moroccanoil Intense Hydration Mask
Keratin Complex Smothing Treatment
starting at $250
Speciality Braid Styles - Starting at $50
starting at $50
starting at $5
Consultation is recommended for all new guest.
What to expect in consult, Will give guest an opportinity to get to know founder of Raris. Time given to observation of the present condition on your hair, the past history of your hair and my professional recommendations for maintenance and improvement of the condition of your hair. Guest will be given education of products I use and a personalized setting for scheduled return visits.
Ask about my One-on-One Personalized VIP Visits.

Meet Natasha

Raris is latin for rare. In any language Natasha Clayton is a rare hairstylist.
She offers customized consultations, cut, perms, relaxers and styles that meet her client's specific wishes. Natasha's vision for Raris has come to life in the form of a calm, personalized experience where you talk and she listens. The result is a look that is all your own. Natatsha wants you to leave with a look that you envisioned before you arrived. So man, woman and child have a seat in Natasha's chair and feel confident that your time and opinion will be respected and appreciated.


"Natasha is my therapist and my hairstylist."

"We always just end up talking and having such a good time. She treats me great."

"She always goes above and beyond for me. She buys shampoos made especially for my combination hair."

"Because she is an individual stylist and is no longer in a big, huge salon, she provides me with that personal treatment that you can't get in a bigger salon environment. It's nice and quiet in her private suite."

"I've had stylists where you just get the same cut every time. I used to have really long hair, and she was the first person to ever cut my hair into a short style and make it look great."

"I'm always paying for a style that I've asked for. She's also not afraid to try new things on my hair."

"I just love her to pieces. I have and will continue to follow her to the ends of the earth for my hair."


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